Play-Off FibsLeaGammon, Session 17, snowflakes vs. dorbel
snowflakes (Green) vs. dorbel (White)
11 point Match Game 1 Green-White 0-0

Match introduction
This match is annotated by dorbel and myself, so far. Dorbel's comments are marked. They are based on a Snowie4 analysis though. Perhaps we'll later post a comparison here.

I performed some rollouts on the following moves that we discussed:
  • Game 1, Move 5, snowflakes 66
  • Game 1, Move 10, snowflakes 65
  • Game 3, Move 2, snowflakes 51 from the bar
  • Game 3, Move 9, snowflakes redoubles.
snowflakes had the dice here; luck is between 30 and 40 millipoints/move in each game. (Don't ask me why Snowie3 doesn't export the luck rate.) The match winning chances adjusted luck is even 50 mp/mv; dorbel missed some shots in the last game.
snowflakes' otherwise immaculate cube rating was spoiled by the 0.700 cube blunder in the 4th game (I think my own record is > 1); the match score of 5:0 plays a role there. In general, most errors happened in game 4 and 5 for both players.
Thanks to snowflakes for providing the match log, and dorbel for the discussion.